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April 02, 2013


Within the Mainland UK: Free of Charge

To the European Union: £85 ( + V A T)

To Non EU countries within Europe: £93.50 

To the USA & Canada: £106.25


We'll be using Focus Packing to collect, carefully wrap and ship The Game of War.  Focus Packing are currently offering a 15% discount on the shipping of items bought through the Luke Honey Ltd website. The prices quoted include this discount. 

Shipping to Mainland UK destinations is free, and included within the price, so please feel free to push the "buy it now" button. If you live outside the UK, please contact me to arrange payment, and I will add on the shipping charges to the price. If you live in a country not specified above, please get in touch for an individual shipping quote.

All items are sent fully insured. Please be aware that there may be customs duties to pay if you live outside the European Union.


As the box contains two antique elephant ivory rulers and two ivory square scales, both circa 1890, the Game of War will require a CITES ivory export licence to ship to destinations outside the European Union. We would be happy to apply for one on your behalf, through Focus Packing (Fine Art Shippers). Getting the paperwork sorted out is relatively straightforward, but please bear in mind that CITES licences can take several weeks- even in some cases, months- to obtain, especially if the shipment is destined for the United States. The cost of a CITES application is £47.00.  Please contact us for further details.