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Alexandra Llewellyn Backgammon

June 13, 2013






My clever friend, Alexandra Llewellyn, makes (and sells) beautiful backgammon boards. She often uses stylish Victorian graphics which are then digitally printed directly onto the wood. I like one of her latest designs ("Carnival"), based on old fairground or burlesque prints (as above). 

Alexandra launched her business in 2010, and since then has been selling her boards to a select international clientele. You can also order a bespoke board from her as an individual commission, and the backgammon counters can be made up from a selection of decorative marbles, minerals and semi-precious stones. The reds, yellows and whites of her "Africa Table" (as below) work brilliantly, and are enormous fun. They remind me, in a way, of a 50's French pinball machine. You can watch Alexandra talking about her backgammon boards on this video.

You can also get in touch with Alexandra at: info@alexandralldesign.com



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