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Luke features in the FT How to Spend It Magazine

April 10, 2018


Luke features in The Financial Times magazine, How to Spend It, April 7 2018. Emma Crichton-Miller writes about antique chess sets in her regular antiques column, Past Masters.


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Posted by Luke Honey on September 19, 2019

I read your article about dummy boards in homes and antiques magazine on line, but with great interest. The Bonhams auction dummy board you mention looks very much like a Dummy Board we acquired from an auction in the US this year. Could I send you pictures and get you impression? There are so few about. It depicts a British drummer, Foot soldier. There is some mystery about his uniform as he is wearing a white bear skin hat. We are thrilled to have it but cannot find out very much as it came out of an estate. https://www.homesandantiques.com/antiques/collecting-guides-antiques/experts/what-is-a-dummy-board/

Posted by Laura hearne on September 19, 2019

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