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January 10, 2018

Scarce in this condition. Adler-Lutfkampfspiel (“Eagle Aeriel Combat Game”) was published by Hugo Gasse of Dresden in the early 1940.

“This is a game of air warfare where the box lid shows a British fighter being shot down by a group of German planes. The game was created for German youth, but also for members of the armed forces, especially the air force. The symmetrical three-section folding board shows two countries with a stretch of water between them, containing eighty numbered spaces. Each of the two players has six bombers, six fighters, four ships, twelve AA guns and twelve bombs. The planes are moulded in red and blue plastic and the ships and guns are cardboard counters while the bombs are wooden cylinders...” From “War-games and their History” by C. G. Lewin, Fonthill Media, pp. 195-196.