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German Bone Selenus Chess Set & Board, Early 19th Century

A German Bone "Selenus" Chess Set, Early 19th Century

one side stained nut brown, the other side left natural, kings and queen with galleries and slender finials, bishops with tear-drop spires, knights as horse's heads, rooks of cylindrical form with tear-drop finials, pawns with baluster knops and tear-drop finials, in a rectangular wooden box; with an antique wooden German board/box, the exterior for chess, the interior for backgammon or tric-trac with colourful points in red and green [3]

King: 9.6cm high

Pawn: 4.9cm high

Box: 18.5cm wide, 8.9cm deep, 5.7cm high

Board: 26.6cm wide (when closed), 5.5cm high (when closed)

Stock Reference: MJ 1866



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