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Berhampur Part-Chess Set, 19th century

  • Berhampur Part-Chess Set, 19th century
  • Berhampur Part-Chess Set, 19th century

An unusual miniature ivory and polychrome decorated part-chess set, Berhampur, 19th century

one side with green stained bases, the other side with red stained bases, red king, red ‘vizier’, red elephant rook, green ‘vizier’, green elephant bishop, green knight, eight red foot-soldier pawns, five green foot-soldier pawns (19 pieces in all), the king 4.4cm high, the pawn 2.2cm high.

Stock Reference: RZ 1345

Reference: Gareth William illustrates a similar polychrome decorated Murshidabad set on page 100 of his book, “Masterpieces”; “...representing a mogul army, probably that of a Nawab of Bengal, whose seat of government was at Murshidabad...” 

Export of Antique Elephant Ivory (CITES)

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