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"Mr Goff as (John) Paul Jones", Orlando Hodgson, 1832

"Mr Goff as Paul Jones", Theatrical Print, hand or stencil- coloured engraving on paper, London, published April 9th 1832 by Orlando Hodgson, 10 Cloth Fair, in a period Hogarth frame with glass, 29cm x 24cm (including frame)

In this early British toy theatre caricature, John Paul Jones is depicted as a pirate, with skull and crossbones bicorn hat, and the American Stars and Stripes quartered with a piratical heart and arrow, and skull and crossbones

John Paul "Jones" (1747-1792) was born in Scotland but became America's first naval commander in the American War of Independence. His actions in British waters earned him an international reputation which persists to this day. The British accused him of piracy, to the American colonists he was the "Father of the American Navy".



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