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October 07, 2023

Generally good. Some rubbing to the red stain. Nice example of an antique English bone chess set in a classic pattern.


October 06, 2023

Boxwood Side:

Faint hairline crack to top of King, natural flaw to centre of King stem, and resulting slight lean, faint hairline crack to lower section of Queen. Nice patination to the boxwood.

Ebony Side:

Restoration to Queen spike, tiny chip to baluster rim of bishop and rook.


‘Very Good’. With a sliding lid. Probably of a later date than the chess set.


October 03, 2023

Rosewood Side:

‘Very Good’. Baizes in excellent condition.

Boxwood Side:

‘Very Good’. Surface dirt, but otherwise in excellent condition.


'Very Good’. Lovely quality. Period pencilled annotation to the inside of the lid.


October 02, 2023

Lovely condition. Slightly faded to the exterior. Interior immaculate. One shaker. Sold with an original Dunhill receipt.


September 25, 2023

Boxwood Side:

Nice shiny surface patination, hairline crack to base of King, minor chip to Queen baluster, minor surface dirt, hairline crack to Rook, hairline crack to two Pawns. But overall, ‘Good’.

Ebony Side:

Minor chips to two Pawns. Otherwise, ‘Good’, with a nice shiny surface patina.


‘Good’. Nice shiny patination. A few scuffs. Green baize lining ‘Very Good’. No key.


July 26, 2023

Good. A few dents to the wooden border and on one corner. Inlay clean and flat. A few wood stratification marks visible to the satin-birch squares. Metal plaques, good, with nice, crisp inscriptions. Good quality mahogany panel to the reverse.


July 10, 2023

Good. Lovely set. Minor scuffs, and minor scratches to mahogany box, including a little bit of wear to the varnish on the lid. Comes with key.


July 04, 2023

Good. A nice example.

Boxwood Side:

Nice shiny ‘toffee patination’. Slight lean to one white bishop. Green baizes (to the undersides) a bit worn to the edges. Otherwise, good.

Ebony Side:

Green baizes slightly worn. Otherwise, good.


Green label immaculate- with only a few very minor indentations. Top half of lock absent (please see photograph). Minor scuffs and scratches to the mahogany. Otherwise ‘Good’.



June 23, 2023

Bovine stratification marks visible. Some rubbing to the red stain. Surface slightly grubby in places. Otherwise ‘good’.


June 15, 2023

Good. A nice weighted example.Two chips to pawn collars professional repaired. Hairline crack to black knight and black pawn professionally repaired. Original felts: Weights slightly protruding in places. Box good. Minor hairline cracks and the usual minor scuffs and minor dents. Green label immaculate. No key.

Please feel free to contact me for a detailed condition report.


June 08, 2023

Good. Brass hinges intact. Crack to back panel on box. Tiles good. Sold with a rules pamphlet by Max Robertson.


May 09, 2023

Good. Nice, decent set with lovely tiles. Hand-written numbered annotations (in ink) to drawer fronts. Please see photographs. Brass mounts slightly lifting on corners. Crack to underside of one wooden drawer.


April 05, 2023

Good. Full working order. Brass slightly tarnished. Nice example.


February 08, 2023

Generally ‘Very Good’. All flags intact. Some minor hairline cracks and minor surface scuffs and dents. Box dates from the 1930s.


October 26, 2022

Good. Board raised on felt pads to the underside. Minor scratches and minor scuffs as consistent with age.

'Insurance Club' label in ‘ivorine’ (ie celluloid)- checked with a UV lamp.


October 18, 2022

Boxwood Side:

Queen coronet with tiny chip to one spike. Neat restoration to crown. Otherwise excellent. Nice shiny 'toffee' patination, green baizes excellent.

Ebony Side:

Tiny chip to bottom of two pawns, very minor hairline crack to rook, knight and pawn (well restored). Otherwise excellent.


Scuffs, minor dents and wear to box as expected with age. Further inscription and wear to brass inlay. Rubbing and some wear to green label, plus inscription in ink.


October 04, 2022


September 01, 2022

Boxwood Side:

Excellent. Green baizes to the underside of the bases ‘excellent’.

Ebony Side:

Excellent. Green baizes excellent.


Good. The usual minor dings and minor surface scratches as appropriate for its age. Traces of the original white BBC label to the underside of the lid.


August 30, 2022


July 05, 2022


Stain top left to the lid. A few scuffs, silk lining to the underbase slightly rubbed on the corners. Otherwise good. Gilt-tooling good. Interior excellent. 


15 wooden counters dark brown. 15 wooden counters in a lighter coloured wood. A few hairline cracks. Counters quite light in weight.