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March 25, 2013

A very pretty late 19th century chess set and generally in a very good condition. There's a nice, smooth shiny patination to the boxwood side. The boxwood king has a slight lean to one side (as can sometimes happen with old sets), and the brown baize or felt undersides are slighty rubbed. As the set is hand-carved, you'll also find a slight variation in the carving on the knights and the pawns. 

The board is in an excellent condition, but with the usual minor surface scuffs and a few minor scratches to the borders. It has the added advantage of having an unusual raised edge, which would make the set a great choice to take with you on a train journey. The board squares are 4cm wide, the width of the king's base is 3.9cm and the width of a pawn base is 2.7cm wide.