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January 22, 2020

White Side:

A few small 'natural' flaws to the ivory on several base undersides, slight age yellowing to the ivory, turner's mark to the underside of white knight base, old repair to bobble of one bishop, old repair to jaw of white knight, very minor hairline crack to top of one pawn ball. One natural flaw to the ivory on a pawn.

Red Side:

Slight variation to the dark red stain in places, again, a few turner's marks to the underside of the bases, minuscule chip to ear of one knight, hairline crack or mark (like a thin black line) to two red pawns. Small hairline crack (or mark?) to base area of one red pawn.


Generally 'Very Good'. A few minor scuffs and small 'indents' to the side, and some scratch marks around the key hole. Owner's monogram on the inside lid, a few minor scuffs to the inside of the lid. Hinge area 'Very Good', with a minor hairline crack near the hinge on the right hand side. Green baize interior 'Very Good'. No key.