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April 22, 2020

Boxwood Side:

'Very Good' to 'Excellent'. Green baizes on the undersides 'Good', slightly rubbed/worn to the edges of the baize, four? baizes possibly replaced with identical felt, but in a very slightly lighter green colour? Very nice figuring to the grain of the wood.

Ebony Side:

'Very Good' to 'Excellent'. No chips or cracks. Black King stamped JAQUES LONDON in red, green baizes 'Good'. 


'Very Good'. Thin hairline crack to sliding lid. The usual very minor surface scratches and 'dings'- as to be expected. Plum velvet interior 'very good', with some very minor fraying along the edges. Label: 'Good'. Some minor brown marks or stains, some gentle rubbing and a few minor scratches. No loss.