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Jaques Staunton 'Four Inch" Chess Set

  • Antique Jaques Staunton Four Inch Chess Set
  • Antique Jaques Staunton Chess Set
  • Jaques Staunton 'Four Inch" Chess Set
  • Jaques Staunton 'Four Inch" Chess Set

A Weighted Jaques Staunton Boxwood & Ebony Chess Set, circa 1875

the boxwood king stamped JAQUES LONDON in black, attractive figuring to the boxwood side, in a box with a green label: THE STAUNTON CHESS-MEN...Two Prize Medals Awarded, 1862...Howard Staunton's facsimile signature...JAQUES & SON, LONDON, an inset silver owner's monogram on the lid of the box

King: 9.8cm (just under 4 inches) high

Pawn: 5cm (just under 2 inches) high

Box: 20.5cm long, 15.6cm wide, 10cm high

Stock Reference: NG 1838

Reference: Sir Alan Fersht. "Jaques Staunton Chess Sets 1849-1939, A Collector's Guide", Kaissa Publications, page 5, figure 4.


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