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Commemorative Nursery Plate, circa 1840

  • Commemorative Nursery Plate, circa 1840

A Charming Pearlware Commemorative Nursery or Child's plate, circa 1840

the border moulded with colourful polychrome foliate decoration in green, yellow, blue and red, the centre with monochrome transfer decoration depicting the Bishop of Heliopolis ("The Bishop of Hellopolis (sic)") christening an infant, underneath the Eye of Providence

Diameter: 16.8cm 

Stock Reference: LH 1884

A rather interesting nursery or child's plate, dating from the 1840s. This 'Bishop of Heliopolis' transfer was later recycled for use on an otherwise similar plate commemorating the christening of Queen Victoria's first child, The Princess Royal ('Vicky', German Empress and Queen of Prussia 1840-1901) in February, 1841.

Nonnus was a legendary 4th or 5th century Christian Saint, who 'by reason of his virtuous life' became Bishop of Heliopolis in Egypt, and supposedly baptised 30,000 into the Christian faith. The congregation is depicted in the fashions of the 1830s/40s.


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