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The Hunt, circa 1910

  • The Hunt, circa 1910
  • The Hunt, circa 1910
  • The Hunt, circa 1910
A collection of charming mounted wooden lithographic figures, or flats, circa 1910, from "The Hunt" game by Cotswold Toys, as retailed by Hamleys, London, W1, hunting characters, hounds and the fox: "Captain Thruster, R.N., on Turpin", "Farmer Conrad Cornrick, on Grey Friar", "Diana Goodsort on Margot", "Tim Tickler, 2nd. Whip on Brownie", "Tommie Goodsort on Magpie", "Babs Firstflight on Titmouse", "Snapshot" the terrier, "Music Master", "Dairy Maid", "May Queen" and "Bellman"  the hounds, and "The Fox", the tallest figure approximately 13.5cm high, 21.5cm long; all in the original green painted wooden box with a sliding lid and paper label: "The Hunt", Cotswold Toys, Hamleys, London W1, 39cm x 20.5cm x 9cm.


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