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Totopoly, Racing Game, Early Edition (1939)

  • Totopoly, Racing Game, Early Edition (1939)
  • Totopoly, Racing Game, Early Edition (1939)

TOTOPOLY, ‘The New Game’, by the Manufacturers of “Monopoly”, Early Edition

rectangular cardboard box in green, folding board, 12 lead racehorses, paper bank notes, 20 Lease Cards, 48 Totaliser Receipts, 5 Owner’s Club Membership Cards, 18 Black Advantage Cards, 20 Red Advantage Cards, 20 Blue Advantage Cards, 20 Yellow Advantage Cards, 2 White Disadvantage Cards, 18 Red Trainer’s Reports, 18 Blue Trainer’s Reports, 14 Veterinary Surgeons Reports, 12 Totaliser cards (annotated in pencil), two card ‘pads’, instructions ‘for Two or more players’ (dated 13/JY/39), printed message from Mr Walter Lee and Mr Roy Palmer (the inventors of Totopoly), separate instructions for a ‘Short Game’, cardboard dice shaker

Box: 37.5cm long, 17cm wide, 4.5cm high

Stock Reference: AS 1931

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