Luke Honey | Decorative Antiques, Chess, Backgammon & Games


March 25, 2013

I've become rather fond of this late Victorian gilt-tooled games board for chess and backgammon, which has been made to look like an antiquarian leather bound book; the idea being that you can stash it away on one of your bookshelves. Being leather-bound, these board/boxes are often found in a slightly dodgy state. This board is remarkably good. There's a bit of wear here and there, it's true, but generally it's in a remarkably good condition. 

The "pages" of the book are lined with paper, decorated with tiny star motifs, the chess squares are in a dark green and tan colour, there's oodles of lovely de-luxe gilt tooling- I can imagine playing backgammon on it by the glowing embers of a log fire. It's a lovely thing, and if you're tempted to buy it, you won't be disappointed.