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November 17, 2017

An interesting collection of German Second World War games, including a wooden Prisoner of War chess set.

Wehrschach, also called Tak-Tik, was published by the German Army in 1937. It brought modern pieces to a Chess-like board: Infantry, Armour, Fighter and Bomber planes, Artillery, and a unique piece (the Hauptfigur), styled like an eagle,which abstractly represented the government, industrial base, and morale of the state.

On an Board with 11 x 11 squares you play a chess-like game with 18 pieces per player. These can move only vertically or horizontally, but a different number of squares (with the exception of the “Panzerkampfwagen”, which might also move like the knight in chess, but without jumping over other pieces).

To capture an enemy piece you need to threaten it with two of your pieces instead of just one.

The board is divided through diagonal lines (the main road and the river) and two more lines crossing the 3rd and 9th row indicating walls and two lake tiles which block all movement except for the planes.

Gameplay was more or less like chess, but with some special rules for the different figures. There were several ways to win: capture of the Hauptfigur; destruction of all enemy Infantry; reduction of his fighting power or occupation of his homeland.

The disc version of Wehrschach is scarce.